Complete Scyon Cladding Service – Axon & Stria Cladding in Melbourne

Scyon cladding is made from the material named Scyon. Scyon is a sand mix, which consists of cement and wood pulp. This mix may also include a ceramic modifier.

The scyon formulation is, in essence, a cement. The technology used to nurture it makes it handy to build cement boards and other types of panels.
The low-density formulation means the Scyon product range can be 16mm thick for compelling cladding profiles and weatherboards with luxurious deep shadow lines. Conventional fibre cement is limited to around 9mm before it’s too difficult to nail.

Applying scyon cladding is quicker and more efficient than other materials. In flooring, the use of scyon helps with the construction of washrooms.

Scyon cladding, especially Scyon Linea cladding, is capable of creating a stunning facade and adding strength to your new home. While an extremely popular practice in Melbourne, it is much more efficient when executed with the expertise of the best. Rahimisis from Melbourne has all the qualities of efficiency. From the cost to the services provided, we will ensure that the perfectly planned goal is perfectly executed to your accordance.

What Are the Advantages of Scyon Cladding?

There are some other immediate advantages of scyon cladding installation:

  • The scyon cement is very thick. It is rich in its nutrients. Despite the thickness, it is durable and quite easy to nail through. The cladding itself is also very aesthetic.
  • As mentioned earlier, the time required for installation is less, as the cladding presents itself as ready for paint.
  • The cladding is very much resistant to fire. With a recorded BAL around the required level of 40, it is definitely safe to use.

Axon Cladding vs. Stria Cladding

Stria Cladding
  • Stria cladding is very sleek in its appearance. While adjusting it, the geometric lines and shadows can be adjusted very easily in accordance to one’s preferred style. Using the natural textures helps develop an incredibly beautiful interior design for one’s home.
  • These lines can be presented either vertically or the other way, thus pushing forward a design for the house.
  • The cladding is light in weight. This helps in making it perfect for any kind of extended architectural design. For example, the use of overhangs. It can be used with complete freedom, as the cladding is extremely durable.
  • Stria cladding is also extremely low maintenance, and much like the nature of cladding, is resistant to moist conditions and any severe weather conditions.
Axon Cladding
  • Axon is quite similar to stria in its features, with both claddings carrying their own weight of benefits. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal taste and preference.
  • Axon cladding helps in creating the lines across the walls and general detailing. Unlike most options, this type of cladding requires no board construction.
  • Axon panelsare generally preferred in contemporary houses, particularly ones with upper and ground floor extensions. The designed vertical lines help nourish the natural patterns with a design that helps the house shine.
  • Much like stria, axon cladding installation is easy too.

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