All Types of House Cladding Service in Melbourne – Alucobond, Matrix, Scyon, James Hardie…

Cladding is the best way to give a facelift to your existing property. It also creates a stunning facade and adds strength to your new home. Cladding is extremely popular in Melbourne as it provides weather resistance and insulation to the building. We can work with a wide range of cladding panels using the top cladding panel manufacturers and preferred cladding board suppliers.

There are various types of cladding options available today, such as Alucobond, Matrix, Scyon and you can select the type of cladding that suits your property and preference. Here are the most widely used variety of name-brand cladding products we use and their main features:

  • Alucobond cladding: This aluminium composite cladding can be shaped in any way that you require. It is lightweight, unbreakable, and shock & weather resistant. It can be used for both exterior and interior cladding. It is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

  • Matrix cladding: This provides a clean and futuristic look to the exterior of the house. This comes in various sizes and allows the creation of many geometric shapes and layouts. This provides thermal insulation and is pre-primed and comes in paint-ready condition.

matrix cladding Melbourne
  • Scyon cladding: This fibre cement cladding is popular with homeowners. It is fire, water, weather, and termite resistant and comes in various sizes that you can choose from. It is also customisable according to the requirements of the homeowner.

Benefits of House Cladding Installation

There are several benefits of house cladding in Melbourne. It not only brings strength to the structure of the house, but it also makes it look great both from the outside and inside. However, to get the maximum out of cladding, you need to hire an experienced contractor in Melbourne. The advantage of hiring an experienced contractor is that they can provide you with suggestions and details regarding the various options to help you make an informed choice.

Here are the major benefits of house cladding installation:

  • Stunning looks: The major reason that people opt for cladding is that it helps their home look visually appealing. It can transform an ordinary-looking home into a stunning and aesthetically designed building.
  • Wide variety: There are many types of house cladding options available today. You can pick from wooden, aluminium, cement or metal panel cladding based on your preference.
  • Structure strength: Cladding provides structural strength to the exterior and interior walls. This is another reason that architects, builders, contractors, and building specialist recommend cladding for your home.
  • Weather-resistant: Cladding makes the exterior walls of your home weather resistant and protects the walls from extreme weather condition.
  • Insulation: House cladding also provides insulation from noise, excessive heat, and cold. This helps reduce your utility bills.

Why Choose Us for Cladding Service in Melbourne?

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