Trusted House Rendering Service in Melbourne

The first impression that your house creates is important and this can be achieved by flawless rendering of its exterior walls. You need a qualified and experienced contractor for rendering the walls before they are painted. As this is a highly technical work that requires immense skills, experience, and use of high-grade materials and their proper mixing, you should only choose an experienced local architectural rendering service provider for the same.

Types of Rendering Service We Offer

We offer all types of rendering services across Melbourne. With several years of experiences and numerous projects, we can undertake rendering work for every type of property. The most widely used and popular form of rendering is cement rendering and colour rendering, and we are the experts on these.

  • Cement rendering – Cement rendering is the traditional and effective form of rendering that covers the brickwork and cracks in the wall. It is done by applying coats of cement to the walls of the house. The mixture is prepared on site and the upper layer is applied while the base layer is still wet. The last coat is a thin layer and adds sheen to the wall that is ready to the painted with the colour of your choice.
  • Coloured rendering – Coloured rendering on houses has become hugely popular over the years. The stunning and beautiful finish that it brings to the house easily beats and outlasts any paint job. With a huge variety of colours available, you can easily select a colour to match your house décor and the area’s aesthetics. Coloured rendering on houses is highly specialised work that requires careful mixing and application of coats on the wall for which you should hire only a specialised architectural rendering company in Melbourne.
Cement sheet cladding Melbourne

What Makes Us Different From Other Architectural Rendering Companies?

  • Client focus: Our priority is to complete the building rendering according to client requirement and within the stipulated timelines. We are always willing to go the extra mile while providing architectural rendering services to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied.
  • Experienced workers: We understand that no technology or material can deliver the expected result if the workmanship is not up to mark. All our workers are highly trained with years of experience and have completed numerous projects, which makes them well equipped and capable of completing house rendering work.
  • Use of new latest techniques: In the ever-changing and dynamic field of building construction and related services, there is constant development. Our team keeps abreast of the latest development in building rendering to deliver the best results to our clients.
  • Aesthetic finish & quality work: Our results speak for themselves. We take pride that some of the best cement rendering and concrete rendering work across Melbourne have been done by our company. With aesthetic finish and quality work, we have become the most trusted and sought-after contractor for house rendering work in the city.
  • Affordable cost: We offer the most competitive cost for cladding; rendering & painting works in Melbourne. The house rendering cost depends on the size of the property and the condition of the walls. To provide an estimate of the rendering cost, we are happy to visit your home and survey to help you make an informed decision.

Looking for the best rendering contractor in Melbourne? Call us on 0470 317 066 and speak to our expert. We will be happy to answer your questions, book an appointment for a site visit, or provide an obligation-free quote. Rahimisis offers unmatched workmanship and guaranteed results. We are the most trusted and recommended contractor for cement rendering and coloured rendering on houses across Melbourne.